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Faux and Foam as accents to your home.

"Faux Beams, Railings & Trims"

"Faux Stones"

"Crown Moldings"                           Choose a profile

Custom, seamless, crown molding, any size

Balusters and Railings

Our railings can be eloquent and traditional, to incredibly creative. The balusters shown above are very traditional and can be painted to match any theme or style of your home. The unique design of our rail systems allow the home owner to choose their own style and, as you can tell by the railings below, we are not limited by what everyone else is doing.
"Yes we can make all those dreams come true. Really."

Capitals, Columns, and Pillars

Like all of our projects, the possibilities are endless. We are not limited to size, shape, design, paint, coatings, or creativity. This stubby little Roman Column you see to the left is actually four foot across at the top and was done as a set piece for a church. you'll see a finished shot of the entire stage below showing it's 16' Roman columns. The Pillar in the lower right corner was hand carved and faux painted to aged perfection. Again, the style isn't limited to just rock and timber, it could be anything.

Accents that will change the look of your home

How about a complete home made of Steel & Foam?

This is our Spec House, built by the head of our Architectural Department.  This custom home is made of steel and (you guessed it) ... Foam!  It was built in one of the colder regions of Western Pennsylvania and believe me, long winters are only one of the hurdles you need to survive by living in this beautiful area.
There are many advantages to a Foam Home, namely lower Heating and Cooling costs.  In addition, this home is coated in a fire resistant stucco which adds an extra layer of benefits.

Some basic tips on going Green

  • When replacing a household appliance, go green and look for appliances with the Energy Star label.
  • Have your heating and cooling systems checked each season. You can keep green by making sure there are no leaks and the systems are working efficiently.
  • When building or remodeling, choose recycled building materials, reclaimed wood and the most energy-efficient insulations and appliances.
  • When we consider a new design or project, even the slightest move to conserve or re-purpose an object has Green written all over it. You'll notice we use the word "Faux" a lot in our business. The word itself has a French origin from the late 20th century meaning artificial or false. In our line of creativity and entertainment, Faux is a common term used to understand the process of an application such as Faux Painting. For example:  A large, Faux Beam could be made of foam or similar materials instead of destroying natural resources.

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